The Maker Behind The Madness

Who am I? The gyal dem sugar!

As creative as I am, and aspire to be, describing what I do and why I do it is always difficult. 

When I think of the word “culture” I think of like minded individuals coming together. Candy? Well, I mean, most people enjoy it, more so crave it. There you have it, a risqué safe haven to you, home for me.

I’ve owned and operated other businesses before but felt restricted to a specific service. Here, I’m allowed freedom. Freedom to create what I want, as I please. 

Why the "K"?

Ironically I'm always associated with the letter somehow/someway. "Kulltured" is symbolic. The majority of the letters are the initials of those who have been and remained around from the very start, "the ones who held it down when I didn't believe in up".

"Self love will save your soul" -r.h. Sin

There is an immeasurable, untaught, importance of being comfortable of who you are, and what you represent. Live your truth, resiliently and unapologetically. Sure I could curse less, or name my pieces something more family appropriate, but why? I am not for everybody and neither are all of my products, and that's ok. But the gag is, those who oppose... have the option to invest elsewhere. 

Welcome to Kulltured Kandy.